Who is "Dan Martin Jewelers?"

Great question! 

 Dan Martin Jewelers Danny Perkins

That's me, Danny Perkins, in front your local jewelry store!  

Dan Martin Jewelers is an independently owned and operated jewelry store in Sanford, North Carolina.  

Not only are we jeweler owned and operated, but also jeweler built.  From our floors, wall paint and trim, to our 12 foot long custom built bar and desk that separates the shop from the store, we put the time and energy into building a store front we feel is "Modern cozy." 

 Dan Martin Jewelers

Does Dan Martin Own the Store? 

Frequently I'm asked if I am Dan Martin, since that is the name of the store.

The store gets its name from my Dad.  We have the same first and last name, but his middle name was Martin.  He unexpectedly passed away on May 27, 2007.  

My Dad and I were very close all the way up to that point.  Aside from being the best Dad imaginable, my Dad was known for helping others and respected for his ability to build or fix nearly anything.  He wasn't a jeweler, but he had a wood shed in the back yard, where he built beautiful oak furniture.  The quality and precision on each piece was at a level that can only be hand crafted with patience, skill, and time. 

Dan Martin is not just a name, it's a commitment to the service and quality standard set by my Dad.  

What do we do at Dan Martin Jewelers? 

Everything related to jewelry!  

Bring your favorite piece in for a free cleaning, or have us refurbish your platinum, gold, and silver rings.  

Our shop is set up with up to date technology, including a brand new Sisma laser welder, that allows us to work beyond the scope of just a torch and solder. 

Our services include and are not limited too:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Chain Soldering
  • Bracelet Rivet 
  • Retip Prongs 
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Polishing
  • Stone Replacement
  • Shank Thickening or Replacement
  • Pearl Stringing
  • Custom jewelry
  • All jewelry services

Either shop online, email, call, or if you're local, stop on by!

Thank you for visiting our store.


-Danny Perkins
Dan Martin Jewelers

Your brand of choice for all things: 

  • Bridal
  • Custom Design
  • Anniversary
  • Men's bands
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Growing families
  • An Earned Reward
  • All Occasions

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Congrats Danny on the beautiful store!

Crystal Goodness June 20, 2023

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