Do I need a jewelry appraisal?

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It depends.... 

Do you want your jewelry covered by insurance? If the answer is YES, then I would recommend an appraisal. This will save you a headache in dealing with the insurance company, along with making sure the entire value of the ring is covered.  

But I already had my jewelry appraised back in the late 90s.... 

I understand, I really do.  You paid for the appraisal once already, but the value may have changed some (A lot) in the last ten years, let alone 20-30. 


2000 gold price per ounce- $438.71

2010 gold price per ounce- $1,332.12

2021 gold price per ounce- $1,851.20

An updated appraisal will ensure you are fully covered in the event you need your insurance to cover the cost of your jewelry. 

So what's an appraisal going to cost me? 

Different jewelers will charge different rates.  Although there are exceptions, on average Dan Martin Jewelers charges $150. This includes a professional printed appraisal, with USPAP Compliance & Custom report pages, along with access to your appraisal on a cloud based server.

Antique pieces, watches, and some gemstone jewelry may increase these estimates.  

How long will you take to appraise my jewelry?

Many pieces are left overnight to be appraised, but if you do not feel comfortable leaving your piece, please schedule an appointment on our website, Facebook page, or just call and we will do the appraisal in person.  In most cases, you can plan for an hour.

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